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The United Society of Believers in Christs Second Appearance: Unraveling the Shaker Myth

Daily Schedule at Sabbathday Lake

The Cornerstones of Shakerism
Other Important Shaker Beliefs
The Rise of the Shakers
The Height of the Shakers
Decline of the Shakers
The Present and Future
Sabbathday Lake Village
Daily Schedule at Sabbathday Lake
Map of Sabbathday Lake Village
Other Villages
Fun Shaker Facts

"We all rise as duty dictates.

7:30 – The Great Bell on the Dwelling House rings to summon all to breakfast.

8:00 – Morning Prayers. We read (responsively) two Psalms, followed by Bible readings, prayer, silent prayer and ending with the singing of a Shaker song.

8:30 – Work begins.

11:30 – Mid-day Prayers

12:00 – Dinner. This is the main meal of the day.

1:00 – Work begins.

6:00 – Supper

Prayer Meeting is held on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., followed by a class on Shaker Studies.

Sunday Meeting is held at 10:00 am. During the summer months Meeting is held in the Meeting House. The remainder of the year we meet in the Chapel in the Dwelling House. This is the only service open to the general public".[i]

[i] The United Society of Shakers, “About the Community,” (accessed December 5, 2008).