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The United Society of Believers in Christs Second Appearance: Unraveling the Shaker Myth

The Cornerstones of Shakerism
Other Important Shaker Beliefs
The Rise of the Shakers
The Height of the Shakers
Decline of the Shakers
The Present and Future
Sabbathday Lake Village
Daily Schedule at Sabbathday Lake
Map of Sabbathday Lake Village
Other Villages
Fun Shaker Facts


The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance, otherwise known as the Shakers, is one of the most enduring religious experiments in the United States -- yet many people know very little about them. Many of the people who have heard of the Shakers before have heard of them in the context of their craftwork; their wonderfully simple chairs or oval boxes for example. But, there is much more to this religious society than their skilled craftwork. This site aims to provide an overview of the history of this religion and a peek into various Shaker communities, as well as to provide links and a book list of potential sources where more information can be found.  

Shaker Library at Sabbathday Lake Village
The Sabbathday Lake Village is located in New Gloucester, Maine.

Picture by:

Suzanne Skees, “Shaker Library at Sabbathday Lake.” In God Among the Shakers: A Search for Stillness and Faith at Sabbathday Lake, Suzanne Skees. (New York: Hyperion, 1998) 40.