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The United Society of Believers in Christs Second Appearance: Unraveling the Shaker Myth

Map of Sabbathday Lake Village

The Cornerstones of Shakerism
Other Important Shaker Beliefs
The Rise of the Shakers
The Height of the Shakers
Decline of the Shakers
The Present and Future
Sabbathday Lake Village
Daily Schedule at Sabbathday Lake
Map of Sabbathday Lake Village
Other Villages
Fun Shaker Facts


Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community - Map legend:

  1. Meetinghouse
  2. Ministry's Shop
  3. Schoolhouse (Shaker Library)
  4. Cemetery
  5. Girl's Shop
  6. Dwelling House
  7. Trustee's Office (Shaker Store)
  8. Garage
  9. Sister's Shop
  10. Herb House
  11. Boys' Shop (Reception Center)
  12. Spinhouse
  13. Garage
  14. Barns
  15. Carriage Shed
  16. Herb and vegetable gardens
  17. Orchard
  18. Pastures and hayfields

The United Society of Shakers, “Home,”

(accessed December 5, 2008).